I left the car in the lay-by and took my life in my hands while walking the few yards back to Belclare Bridge. Several cars and a very large truck whizzed past my shoulder, threatening to pitch me into the bushes. Even standing on the grass verge while looking down into the bridge pool I was in evident danger. I scrambled down the stone wall to safety.
The Owenwee River downstream of the bridge would be a painter’s paradise. Both banks are overhung with a wide variety of trees, and wildflowers grow along the shaded banks in wonderful abundance. And as for the river itself, well, whether as it was then, brown and swollen, flecked with foam and tumbling and rushing over moss-covered rocks in its hurry to meet the sea, or as it more typically is, merely boisterous between reflective pools, it is eminently wild, as one might expect of a west of Ireland salmon stream.

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