Fishery manager Colin Folan reports that 2012 has been a season to remember.  Sea trout have returned in the greatest numbers since the collapse in 1989, and we landed 1,146 this year compared to 263 in 2011.  In fact the last two good years in the 1980s produced 900 each year.  There were also some fine sized sea trout, with 20 fish between 3lbs and 4.5lbs.  There were 16 charr recorded (I am sure it is more).  Although the salmon numbers were down on last year, we still recorded 92 fish.  Six specimen brown trout were landed this year, two from the lake (11lbs and 12lbs), and four from the river to 7lbs.  Michael Connellan (Dublin) landed the biggest salmon of 2012, weighing 13lbs+. The 2012 totals, (2011 in brackets), were as follows:

Salmon  92 (133)

Sea Trout  1146 (263)

Brown Trout  171 (81)

Charr  16 (4)


September 30th saw our annual competition for the Michael Staunton Trophy.  The weather was dreadful as there was a storm on Sept 29 and the lake had risen 2 feet overnight and the river was a wash out.  14 anglers braved the elements and had a total catch of 2 salmon, 15 sea trout and 27 brown trout.  First place went to Michael Heery with 4 sea trout and 5 browns, second was John Connolly with a 5lbs salmon and 1 brown, third place was filled by Mervyn Bell with 1 salmon of 4lbs and 1 sea trout, fourth went to Dennis Murphy with 9 browns, fifth place went to Dick Kelly with 4 sea trout and finally Brian Regan filled sixth position with 1 sea trout and 4 browns.


Lough Inagh Lodge Hotel has won the Gold medal for the second year running in the Top Country House Category in the Hotel and Catering Review.


We at Inagh would like to thank all our customers and friends for making 2012 a memorable year, and we look forward to seeing you all next season, and don’t forget to return your Salmon Licences!