Conditions were very variable this week on Melvin. The first four days of the week brought bright sunlight, very mild conditions (up to 22°C!) with varying winds. From Friday on however, the colder conditions returned again and sitting out in a boat was a cold affair once more. There were no salmon recorded over the week but there seemed to be a run of salmon into the lough at the weekend. On Sunday, Noel Johnston landed a 9½lb salmon, John Fox accounted for an 11¾lb salmon and Rodney Benson caught an 8½lb salmon. These were all caught trolling along the Garrison Shore.

The trout fishing remained fairly good when winds were suitable with a few rods reporting fair catches of trout, mainly from the shallows. There were a couple of reports of some of the Sonaghan being caught out in the deeps. One would presume given the early warm & sunny weather that there must be some plankton blooming to attract some of the Sonaghan from the shallows.

For info/boat hire/bookings etc on Lough Melvin see or Tel: 071 9841055.


For info/Guides/boat hire on Lough Melvin contact Sean Maguire’s Tackle Shop, Main Street, Garrison.


Lough Melvin, Rossinver Fishery: For info/Guides/boat hire/bookings etc, contact Bill McNeary. Tel: 071 9854930


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