June 2nd – Fishing this week has been difficult with only 2 fish landed.

Conditions were far from ideal for salmon fishing with low water and extremely muggy weather. It was ideal midge weather and there were days this week when they certainly made their presence felt.

The two fish were taken on Monday off Doolough. It was Bertrand Fenart who proved as keen as always when he landed the first, a fish of approx. 9lbs off Paddy’s point. The fish had been in quite a while.

He then managed to guide Olivier Suquet to his first ever salmon, a fish of 8lbs approx. This fish was taken at Grants Rock and was again in quite a while.

The rest of the week was quiet with very little fishy activity. We did get some rain on Thursday night, nearly an inch. The river went to 20 but fell off again quickly. We had some serious anglers yesterday but they failed to score.

We are expecting a good amount of rain tonight so hopefully we will see the new gauge go over 40cms which would be rare indeed. I might add that with that we will get hundreds of salmon running up the river!!

Martin Cellier at Delphi
Martin Cellier at Delphi

June 4th – Since my last update there are another three fish to add to the book. Being honest this was disappointing, I thought we would have had a few more fish.

We had a nice flood yesterday with the river touching 65 on the new gauge for the first time. However the water was back down to 20 this morning. Surprisingly we only got 15.6mm of rain, so everything ran off quickly.

Martin Ceillier did manage to outfish his wife Barbara again this year when he landed a fresh 4lbs2ozs fish off Finlough on a Willie Gunn, on Saturday afternoon.

Yesterday Robin Cox who is on his first visit to Delphi managed to land a fresh fish of approx. 4lbs off Doolough. This would appear to be the third grilse of the season.

This morning Fred Eberle started his Delphi fishing week in style when he landed a sea liced 7lbs6ozs fish off the Whin pool on a Willie Gunn.

It looks like there is some rain forecast tomorrow which will keep the river up, but it looks like everything will get a good wash out on Thursday night and Friday morning when there is heavy rain due.

This will hopefully draw in all remaining springers and get the grilse moving. Fingers crossed!!

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