Local angling guide, Vincent Appleby reports on fishing in the past week from Lough Currane.

23/1/12 Just one or two boats out, and all quiet on the SW front.
24/1/12 No reports of any real rod benders, with only one or two boats out that’s not surprising.
25/1/12 Lough Currane was like the wild west with a storm force SSW wind blowing across the lake, so all boat stations were at a standstill for most of the day.
26/1/12 All quiet on the SW Front, Wind WNW fresh and very cold and overcast with hail showers throughout the day, with plenty snow on the hills early this morning.
27/1/12 There was just bit of action by local Ghillie Mr. Bob Priestly.  Bob was telling me that he caught one Kelt, and the odd spent Trout. Wind NW light with showers throughout the day.
28/1/12 Lough Currane was on the quiet side, with just one or two boats out, Local Gillie Mr. Bob Priestly caught a Kelt on the troll fishing on the north side and an angler from Cork, fishing on the south side caught two spent Sea Trout on the troll and both Sea Trout were in the 4 to 5lbs class.    In the past day, I have been criticized for the lack of reporting on the web, all I can say is, you can blame my Noble anglers because if they don’t produce I can’t report.  Wind well I will leave that until tomorrow.
29/1/12 All quiet on the SW front in all departments except for the Odd Kelt and a few spent Trout being caught.  Wind, little too none and reasonably mild.

That is your ration for this week, from your Ghillie/Guide and the Waterville fishery.  No Spin No Fly’s just facts.