Gareth King reports through email that they had a great days fishing for pike in Co. Cavan on 28th of January.   Gareth caught the best fish of  12lb fish and the other man was trevor with a 9lb fish.   They had a total of 6 fish for the day with Gareth recording  4 fish and Trevor with  2 pike.   These were the pick of the six along with another 8 lb fish and a 6 pound other 2 were jacks and they also lost two good fish.  First time writing into this so hope this have given a bit of a story for this week.  Hoping we can provide other pictures and storys in the future.
Kind regards Gareth


Gareth King with a nice pike of 12 lb. from Co. Cavan.
Trevor with a nice pike of 9 lb. from Co. Cavan.