Bellavista owner Kevin Murphy is delighted with the improvement in fishing off Cork’s coast.  Because of the heavy rain over the Summer, water in the bay has been coloured with the run off of fresh water from the land.  Making it unsuitable for both fisherman and fish. With the good weather of late, the situation has cleared enormously with the return of the fish and here are the photos to prove it………

Read Kevin’s article ‘Cork Angling Hub Autumn Bassing with the Bellavista’

Labrax Squad – Mission, Bass, Bass, Bass..

The Labrax Squad took to the sea off Cobh. Having come back from  the island of Vlieland and travelled to a tight schedule they were given a brillant Irish welcome by the Bellavista crew and all of Cobh.  They tell us that not only did they savour the diversity and the stunning area of Cork but they were also amazed at the knowledge they gained from the locals about lures.

Because they mentioned to Kevin Murphy that they were looking for an additional rod for their boat fishing, he offered them the use of  his Tenryu Bull Dog for the day to see what they thought about it. And damn, what an eye-opener that was !! All bass they caught were nicely dark coloured and already pretty fat, in preparation for the upcoming winter months.  Read Labrax Squad’s article ‘Bass Fishing Cobh 2012’

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