West Clare Shore Angling Report

Bill Ryan reports on some excellent rock fishing on the coast near Kilkee in Co. Clare.

Thursday, 02 August 2012

I have taken advantage of the few breaks in this miserable “Summer” to continue my exploration of the Rock Marks at Coosheen 2 miles from Kilkee.

Wrasse have been the predominant species with Pollock turning up as well. Bass proving difficult as my usual haunt has been flooded with brown rainwater.

I continue to experiment with Soft Plastics, the Yoshikawa Superworm in Green being very effective for both Wrasse and Pollock.

One day at Coosheen I fished crab and Soft Plastic every second turn.

Bill Ryan with a fine Ballan Wrasse on Soft Plastic at Coosheen Co. Clare

I had 6 Wrasse, 4 on Soft Plastic and 2 on Crab. I will admit that the bigger Wrasse fell to crab.

The Wrasse are tearing the Soft Plastics to shreds with those vicious teeth! So much so that one day I replaced the Soft Plastic with a real crab and bounced it along the bottom only to have a savage take from a good Pollock! I have also experimented with bouncing Limpets and Shrimp with good results for Wrasse and Pollock!

David Ryan with a lovely ballan wrasse at Coosheen, Co. Clare

At The White Strand, Killard and at Farrihy I have had Bass chase Sub Surface Lures but have not had a hook up……….. yet!

Will the Trigger Fish arrive this “Summer”?  I await with grave doubts but you never know!

Pollack coming ashore at Coosheen Co. Clare

Bill Ryan