Rob Love reports from Carton House Fishery :

Last weeks hopes for the Liffey to return to more ‘normal’ levels have been dashed by floods of almost Biblical proportions.  The weather forecast is hopeful that next week should be drier.  If this comes to pass then water levels should recede slowly – hopefully providing some nymph fishing (Hairs ears and flashback PTN’s work well as always) as water levels drop.  If levels return to normal levels then my favourite – sedge fishing in the evenings could be excellent so fingers crossed.

The Rye Water as previously mentioned is in fine fettle.  It is less affected by flash floods or high rainfall and although it is a little higher than normal it is providing some excellent sport for anyone venturing out with a nymph.  Small Copper Johns as well as the usual suspects – Hairs ear and PTN work well. 

However some magnificent fish have been spotted on the estate (unfortunately in very tricky lies).   These fish are in the 3lb + range and probably would be best covered by letting a Sedge drift or drag over them from an upstream position.

The Sheet Water is completely unaffected by the recent rainfall and the Brownies (undistinguishable from wild fish) are in superb condition.  The Rainbows appear to be very strong at present and fishing them with a relatively light set up – say a 4 or 5 wt provides some super sport – being brought down to or close to backing is commonplace.

While the weather forecast for the next two days is pretty gloomy, next week shows signs of improvement.  It’s a big if but IF this happens then the fishing (especially on the Liffey) should improve and targeting large fish with spent patterns could certainly enter the equation.

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