Peter Gleeson reports that trout angling on Lough Derg this Mayfly season has so far been an improvement on some  previous years, according to anglers.

Hatches of mayfly have been good despite the below average temperatures and fishers willing to spend a lot of time on the lake are getting reasonable catches.

One lucky angler had a trout of  over 6lbs while fishing in the Castlelough area on Wednesday May 9th and another had one of over 5lbs on the wulff at the back of Hare Island a few days earlier. Anglers are also heartened over the appearance of good stocks of small fish in some parts of the lake, as they had been noticeably absent in recent years.

The cold weather has so far ruled out good falls of spent gnat, but anglers are getting fish on these flies despite their noticeable absence. The view of most anglers on Derg is that trout far prefer the gnat to the green fly and will take it even when there are none to be seen.
Peter Gleeson