Rob Love manager of the Carton House Fishery near Maynooth  reports on recent fishing for their clients

Horseflies – a whole squadron attacked me on my way back up from the falls this morning so you have been warned but it is very much taking the risk because the Rye Water is absolute perfection at the moment.  The water is running at just the right levels for superb fishing with a good head of wild fish both above the boat house and below the falls – where some of 3lb+ have been spotted.

The River Rye Weir in the Carton House Fishery

When it comes to nymph fishing the usual suspects are working well at present – my own preference being a GRHE or Flashback PTN.  Sedge fishing is also coming into its own at the moment with large numbers present on both the river and lake.

The River Liffey meanwhile has been in flood for the last number of weeks.  Hopefully if we get a dry spell of weather in the next week or two the water levels will drop and it will become more fishable with Sedges certainly featuring at some stage on the Trouts menu.

The River Rye below the weir

The Sheet Water – our stocked lake has been completely unaffected by the recent floods.  Fishing pressure has been light and both the Rainbows and Brownies have been feeding on the surface more than of late.  The usual patterns will suffice however a Griffiths Gnat appears to be working very well at present.

Rob Love.