Martin Moffitt reports from Lough Derg and Brosna Areas:

Like most of the country the Big Brosna and Little Brosna catchments were flooded out last week and there was very little fishing here.

Anglers turned to Pallas Lake where they had lively fishing in spite of heavy rain and wind.

Local angler Bill Rock had two nice fish in the 2 lb region and his 2buddy” |Harry Fairclough from the UK had four nice rainbows around the 1.5 lbs mark.

Pat Dunne from Tullamore fished in difficult conditions and managed four fish to 2 lbs and Billy Hanly, another local, had three fish to 2.5 lbs.

During the week an excellent young fly angler Gerard Hayes from Cloghan had two fish to 1.5 lbs.

Anglers in the Brosna areas are hoping that this week will see water levels return to normal