Last week saw consistently good fishing on the Annalee and its tributary the Dromore River.  The up and down water levels never help but fortunately when the Annalee is too high the Dromore is usually fishable.  Andrew Sloan, Stuart McMurran and Neil McMullen fished both rivers on bank holiday Monday and all recorded great quantities of quality trout.  There where hatches of iron blues and large dark olives that really turned the fish on.  The fishing was so good that Andrew and Neil returned on the Friday 11th and found that  the Annalee was coloured so spent the day on the Dromore River.  It didn’t fail to disappoint with hatches as per the previous day but a hatch of mayfly in the afternoon was a welcome addition as the trout soon switched onto them.  If the weather would settle somewhat it would allow the mayfly hatch to materialise fully and maybe result in some good evening spent fishing.

Brian Russell