29/03/12. First guiding day today, and what weather we’re having right now, more like mid-May with warm sunshine and temperatures touching 20c. Bill Balkovetz from the USA is a man who loves to flyfish and he and his wife Allison were on a well-deserved break here in Ireland. Bill doesn’t get to fish as often as he’d like but was as keen as mustard. We started on the Deel which was low for the time of year, and quite clear. Because of this we opted to fish upstream wet-fly and it wasn’t long before Bill was connecting with small but lively browns. We finished about 12.30am and headed back to Adare to fish the Maigue, which was also quite low but without the weed which can spoil sport and which will no doubt be well up come May. Bill continued to meet fish, this time we fished wet downstream, and it was noticeable that he also had a couple of salmon smolts, a bit early for them to be backing down towards the tide, but then again everything seems earlier this year following a very mild Winter.

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