On a recent Angling adventure with Michael Flanagan young Tyler and Jake Darby latched onto some super pike while fishing with dad Barry…

The lads are really hooked on Angling, and have no problem holding their prized catch. In recent weeks Barry Darby has produced huge pike on the fly, and is tying up some really wonderful looking pike flies.

The Darby Boys Jack and Tyler with a big pike
Catch of the Week goes to the Darby Boys, Jack and Tyler, for helping their father land this fly caught pike

Here in the Midlands we have some cracking waters for fly-fishing for pike, be it lakes or rivers. Another great plus is that like for perch there is no closed season on pike fishing, and it’s a fantastic winter sport. All going well come October /November I will push pike on the fly in the Midlands, and we will see a few extra anglers drifting into Mullingar.

Michael Flanagan
Midland Angling


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