The salmon season opened today on the Rivers Drowes and  Lackagh in the north west and River Lee in the east.

In a coincidence never before reported, two anglers landed the first salmon of the season at the same time. Both fish were caught on the River Drowes, each having fallen for the charms of the famous Flying C and were both landed at 12.40pm. Timothy Dalton from Omagh caught his 10lbs fish from the Blackwater while 4 miles downstream Colin Gardiner from Lurgan caught his 4.5lbs fish from the Wee Drain.

Both anglers will share the honours and each hold for the Drowes Perpetual Cup for 6 months.

Two anglers congratulate Timothy Dalton on this capture which also wins him Catch of the Week
Colin Gardiner and Timothy Dalton with the first salmon of the season

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