A harbour seal has made his way to deep within the freshwater lakes of Killarney and has been spotted alongside cormorants eyeing up salmon.

The sight of the animal about 24km away from the coast astonished Mike O’Sullivan, a keen walker and angler, when he was out for a walk on Wednesday.

Mr O’Sullivan said he met a wildlife surveyor near Muckross Abbey who told him he believed he had seen a seal.

“I thought it couldn’t be the case and that it must have been the shape of the rock. Then I thought maybe it was an otter. People mix up seals and otters. But when I looked through the man’s binoculars it was a seal. In all my time on the lake, I never saw a seal,” said Mr O’Sullivan. …

Irish Examiner 09/03/2013. Read the article “Seal makes waves in Killarney Lake”

An usual sighting of a seal submerged on a rock on Lough Lein Killarney, with the Osprey rocks in the backround. local Killarney man, John Leane took the impressive photograph spotted by his friend Angler Mike 'Kenmare' O'Sullivan