The Dodder Action group  is organizing a big clean up day on March 23rd of their favourite river (the Dodder) and are looking for volunteers to help out.

The Dodder Action group has be going for a few years now and has successfully organized clean up days in the past consisting of up to 40 people to clean sections of the river and its surrounding banks and pathways. However this year we would like to clean as much as possible and cover almost the entire length of the river with help from the members of all the clubs with fishing on the river and other interested parties.

Their intention is to clean from the M50 right downstream to Ringsend. If they get enough support then they will go even further upstream.

Dodder clean up
A clean up of the river by Dodder Action on march 31st 2012. Around 20 people showed up and collected ca. 35 bags of rubbish along with crates, trollies, bikes, cones and other stuff you see here.

We currently talking the various authorities and councils who will provide some level of bags, gloves, pickers etc. And will remove the waste from collection points along the river.

If you would like any further information please don’t hesitate to contact our group.
Our main source of communication is Facebook :
Or [email protected]

River Dodder