Jarlaith Gallagher of Rinn-Shannon & District Angling Club reports on another great week of piking on Lough Rowan…

With the club recently taking a stand at the “Hooked Live” fishing exposition at City West and club member Greg Carr being awarded “Fish of the Week” on the IFI website, this has resulted in the club gaining a very positive profile and also attracted a lot of interest from pike anglers all over the country, and in particular Northern Ireland. On three different occasions this week, I was delighted to make acquaintance with several different angling groups from Belfast who had made the six hour round trip to try their luck on Lough Rowan. When I enquired as how they discovered our little gem, all maintained that they had seen the reports on the IFI website and from our website www.rinnshannon.com with the others having picked up our information flyers at the “Hooked Live” event. The Belfast contingent went on to record catches of 9lb, 16lb and a 23lb well conditioned Lough Rowan pike.

Playing a pike
Anthony Egan's pike boils at the surface

Our club chairman Paul Beck captured Water Keeper Anthony Egan on camera striking, playing and landing a fine 20lb 5oz pike using dead bait. The photographs are up on our website for all those interested in having a look at some great pike action photographs.

Pike landed on Rowan
Anthony Egan shows off his pike
Noel O'Connor with his 24lb pike
Noel O'Connor from Toptackle.ie with his 24lb pike

Dublin anglers Anthony and Noel O’Connor from Scouting Ireland took a trip down to the lake on Tuesday and just as I arrived out to present the lads with their day tickets, Noel was into a fish. It put up a fine struggle and after weighing (24lb) and a few photographs, she was released unharmed to give joy to another angler on another occasion. Well done to the lads and hopefully we shall see you on the lake very soon.

Pike angling shall be permitted up until March 17th after which the lake shall revert to the trout specialists. The trout season shall commence on Sunday April 7th and we are expecting another great turn out for this important day in the club’s calendar. Fly-fishing for pike shall be permitted for the duration of the trout season. I would just like to say on behalf of the club committee as to how impressed we are with the impeccable behavior and consideration for our lake stock from all visiting anglers. It is only with such behavior and cooperation that we can continue to provide such a fantastic fishery for all to enjoy.
Jarlaith O’Connor
Rinn-Shannon & District Angling Club