Templemore and district anglers are holding a pike fishing competition on Templemore town lake on Sunday the 16th June from 2pm to 6pm . Entrance fee to competition is 5 euro for juniors and 10 euro for seniors , MEMBERS ONLY , you can purchase licences from JOHN WALSH AND SON main street templemore or from committee members or on the day of the competition , you can purchase a day permit on the day …THIS IS A STRICT CATCH AND RELEASE competition , no fish to be harmed rules will be explained on the day..

Members are asked to remember  that those who are entering the pike competition should be at the lake at least half an hour before the start of the competition , which is at 2pm , and remember to have your licence with you on the day….licences and permits will be sold on the day for those who wish to enter the competition…competition on the 16th of June between 2pm and 6pm …strictly members / permit holders only ..
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Templemore Town Lake
Templemore Town Lake

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