Paul Hanley of salmonfishingireland reports:

During an evening session I caught two salmon on the fly with my 6 wt switch fly rod, the water was very low so I was using a 7ft.  2.6ins per second sinking tip with a 10lb flurocarbon tippet of three feet and a Hot Orange Ahilles shrimp fly on a size 15 double salar hook. In my haste to start fishing I left my camera in the car so the first fish wasn’t on the video, the second salmon boiled at the fly twice before hitting it and even then it was  barely hooked with only one hook caught just at the tip of its mouth. The salmon exploded into life once it ventured into shallow water and jumped a number of times trying to shake the fly, putting plenty of side strain on the fish I played it out fast and beached it.

Resting up the salmon for a few minutes I then released it back into the river none the worst for its encounter with yours truly. Both salmon were coloured and had been in the system for a few weeks, even though the fish was very silver I don’t class them as fresh unless its covered in sea lice and has a blue hue running along its flanks. The upper beats of the Lee are coming to the end of the salmon run as it doesn’t get much of a back end run in September, but as there are still some wild fish going through there is always the chance that if you have a fly in the water you could meet the odd fresh one passing through.

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