Shane Gallagher reports:

20 June 2013

The past week has seen a steady increase in grilse numbers, reflected in plenty of running fish being seen and improved catches. The weekend fished pretty well with some anglers reporting doubles and triples and over a dozen fish reported on Sunday. Monday and Tuesday were quieter, with running fish seen, but proving very hard to tempt. Yesterday, Wednesday and Today, Thursday have seen an improvement again with some more doubles reported.

Urs Frei With His Fish From The Terrace This Morning.
Pat Mc Clenaghan With Two Of His Fish On Tuesday.
Nash Mc Daid With His First Fish On Fly On Monday.
John Ford Had Two Fish From The Sea Pools On Prawn This Morning

Some fish were taken on Fly, including B. Gilbert’s fish from the Mill Pool, J. Fox’s fish from the Blackwater and M. Faure’s fish from the Black Hole. The majority of fish however are coming to worm and prawn. Below the Four Masters’ Bridge is starting to produce some fish now that the water has dropped, as are the sea pools. The Mill Pool and Blackwater have also accounted for numbers of fish in the past week.

Below The Red Roof During The Week.
Martin Norris With His Fish From The Spa Well During The Week.
John Mc Gowan With His Sea Liced Fish On Saturday. Photo Courtesy J. Mc Gowan
Having A Cast At The Black Hole This Evening.

Rain is forecast for tomorrow afternoon and throughout the weekend but probably not in quantities sufficient to make a noticeable difference to water levels. It will turned windy and cold over the weekend, becoming milder at the beginning of next week.

Drowes Estuary And Donegal Bay, Where Two Killer Whales Were Spotted During The Week.
Billy Gilbert With One Of His Fish From The Mill Pool On Saturday.
Timothy Dalton With His Fish From The Red Roof Last Thursday Caught On A Light Mepps Flying c.
Water Has Dropped To 0.44 Metres On The Gauge. This height Of Water Suits The Normally Fast Stretch Between The Four Masters’ And Lennox’s Bridge

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