Paul Hanely made the most of yesterday’s beautiful weather and headed to the Lee. The water seemed to be about 8C  – the warmest it has been for a few weeks. Paul fished a size four flying “c” down the run.  He hadn’t moved anything and just as he was about to move further upstream a small salmon head and tailed above him. He quickly covered the fish and took bottom with a few casts but as the fish did not respond he cast wider, touching bottom with every cast but no pull or touch.
The salmon showed once more and it seemed to be sitting high in the water so Paul changed over to a smaller size three flying “c” and met the fish on his second cast! The salmon came in to fight close to the bank and kept rolling on itself making for a nervous few minutes. After tailing the salmon it was clear it  was very fresh – a hatchery salmon of about six pounds. Letting the salmon rest up for a few moments Paul then  released it back in to the river. In Paul’s own words “If only all spring fishing days could be so perfect, nice warm sunshine and an obliging salmon”.
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Paul Hanley,
Salmon fishing in Ireland

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