Billy Downes of the Laune Salmon and Trout Anglers Association reports that water levels are up a bit on the Laune following badly needed rain…

Wednesday 24th July, water level up slightly and running clear so far.  Raining heavily around the Laune and in Kerry generally.  There are fish moving also, already three anglers have met and lost fish this morning on the fly.  Billy Cotter returned two nice sea trout also.   This could indicate the end of the drought in both senses.

The land is so dry it will take some serious rain to bring the level up a foot or two.  I see that the best rainfall for the week is on Saturday where there is a chance of 2 mm per hour for a while.  This might give us even better conditions for all methods.

Despite the low level there were fish seen running the river today and resident fish were showing in the pools.

Laune salmon
Patrick Richard on his first day with the fly rod caught this beauty of 14lbs. Fish caught at Gorry on Monday 15 July on a Munroe Killer size 10. Just goes to show they will still take a fly in bright conditions.

​​Prospects: With the change in the weather and with fish running there is some chance of a pull as proved by Patrick Richard last week in the heat wave when he met two fish on the fly.

There is still enough water in the Laune to allow the biggest salmon to run the system and enough holding water to accommodate them.

Billy Downes

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