Ballisodare Fishing Club hosted its annual Juvenile Angling Competition on Sunday July 14th, with over 80 young anglers participating. Unfortunately water levels and weather conditions were not great on the day, being very warm bright and dry. Despite this however, an extremely successful day was still had at the fishery, with over 70 salmon caught for the day! Those caught were in the range of 1.05lbs to 13.53lbs, with most taken on the fly. Overall winner of the competition was Luke Colgan, Ratoath, Co. Meath with a great fish of 13.53lbs caught on the fly, well done to Luke!


Individual category winners on the day were:

Heaviest salmon on the worm – Cathal Gordon (8.52lbs)

Heaviest salmon on the fly – Sean O’Hehir (5.78lbs)

Best Visiting Angler – Finn Gallagher (5.57lbs)

Best Club Angler – Owen Gallagher (4.96lbs)

Youngest Angler – Jack Burns (4.88lbs)

Best Lady Angler – Brianna Brady (4.76lbs)

Heaviest on the prawn – Kyle Conway (4.07lbs)

Smallest Fish – Arron Stewart (1.04lbs)


Ballisodare Fishing Club would like to say a big thanks to all who participated on the day and who helped make the day such a big success including club and river members, all sponsors, kids who took part, parents and Inland Fisheries Ireland, without whom this great event would not have been possible.

Throughout the week the Fishery has been much quieter than of late. Due to the conditions and warm weather, many anglers have not fished during what would normally be a very productive fishery. Despite this, the Fishery enjoyed a great Juvenile day, although earlier in the week the numbers of fish caught reflected the low angling effort and conditions. Monday 8th saw 12 salmon recorded, all between 3lbs and 6lbs, most taken on worm. Seventeen were caught on Tuesday, seven of which were released. Most of these were taken on the prawn however, some anglers had success on fly, with the average fish size just 4lbs.


Wednesday was very bright and warm, very unsuitable for fishing and as a result only 8 were caught, which, considering water levels and weather was still a reasonable day.


A further 11 were caught on Thursday, 10 of which were released, mainly on fly and prawn, with just one on worm. Anglers landed 10 fish on Friday, ranging from 3lbs to 8lbs, all taken on fly and prawn. Saturday saw 14 landed, nine of which took the fly, with eight released. Five were caught on the worm. James Cuffe was among those to score, with a fine fish of 10lbs taken on the fly and safely released.