Yet another impressive week for spring salmon on the Moy, with grilse now also appearing in greater numbers. The total reported catch for the week was 221 salmon, including the first of the season for the Moy Fisheries Ridge Pool, a 6lbs salmon caught on the fly and released by visiting Spanish angler Enric Salvans. The Ballina Salmon Anglers’ water produced 12 salmon, while at Mount Falcon, David Martin, England, had one of 10lbs on a spinner.

The mid river fisheries have begun to experience better fishing, including Coolcroonan, where Brian Moore, Co. Down, caught one of 9.75lbs on the bubble and fly. Armstrong’s and Gannon’s yielded more fish than on previous weeks, and at the Foxford Fishery, 14 were caught. Among those to have success at the Foxford Fishery were Paul Tibbits, U.K. who had two of 5lbs and 10lbs on spinner and his son Christopher who also had one.

Brian Moore, Co. Down, 9.75lbs, on the Bubble and Fly, the first fish of the season on the Coolcroonan Fishery

Rinanney and the Foxford Town fisheries also had a fair number of fish and at Cloongee, 30 were recorded. Jez Leech, U.K. had two of 11lbs and 9lbs, Daniel Duguin, France had two of 8lbs and 6lbs, Phillippe Dezitreer, (also France) had two of 11lbs and 12lbs while fellow French angler Nanard Bozec also had two of 9lbs and 11lbs.

The East Mayo Anglers Association has continued to yield great catches, where 74 were recorded for the week. Among those to capture fish at East Mayo were Claud Grosjean, Belgium, who had one of 12lbs on worm, Garret Rugrock, Dublin, had two on the fly of 5lbs and 7lbs, Marco Feltais, Germany, had one of 9lbs while Jurgen Kutesche, Germany had one of 11lbs (both fish on fly).

Daniel Duguin, France, with one of two fine fish he landed at Cloongee.