Some sound advice from Jason Nash on his blog .  He tells us:

The tough conditions which have persisted throughout this summer are still with us and there is no sign of a let up in sight. The Bandon river is now down to its bones again, practically as low as it was in late July/ early August making fishing difficult to say the least. During the past week I concentrated my efforts using the worm, as the worm is not allowed on Bandon Angling Association waters for the month of September. Takes were few and far between and I hooked just one fish on Saturday which unfortunately broke the line by wrapping it around a branch.
Sunday September 1st was very bright and hot, with temperatures in the low 20’s, not exactly the best conditions for salmon fishing with the fly but you make do with the cards you are dealt. I set the trout fly rod up with a full floating line; the first time I have done so this year. To this I attached a tapered fluorocarbon leader 12 foot long and a size 15 Allys Shrimp.

With the bright conditions I wanted to fish fine and far off, maximising the distance between myself and the fish so I wouldn’t spook them. Making my way down the pool I had two pulls which came to nothing. When approaching the tail, a fish jumped and rather than wading further down I lengthened my cast in order to cover it. A few casts later and the fish hammered the fly! A great fight ensued and 10 minutes later I had my prize in the net, a fish tipping the scales at 7lbs.

The fish was fairly fresh, perhaps a week in the river and it was a very good test for my set up, making tearing runs up and down the pool. Fresh grilse are still entering the river at present. Hopefully these will provide more sport on the same set up until or if a flood comes before the seasons end.