A total of 87 fish were caught for the week at Ballisodare, with conditions more suitable for anglers than in the previous week. Sixteen salmon were caught on Monday, with seven of those released. Tuesday saw 15 landed, 11 of which fell to the fly. Among those to capture salmon were P. Scallan (10lbs), Michael Henry and Liam Rainey (who had two grilse each), Hugo Marren who had two of 12lbs and 10lbs and Dermot Glennon who also had two weighing 7lbs and 9lbs.

Wednesday was slightly quieter at the Fishery than the previous two days, with 10 salmon caught. Five of these fell to the worm with 5 taken on the fly. All fish were between 4lbs to 9lbs in weight. Anglers caught twelve fish on Thursday, 8 on fly while 4 were caught on worm, with 4 released. Anglers who caught on the day were Larry Mitchell, Paul McGrory, Stephen Cassols, John Connolly, F. Kerins, Eamonn Ruddy, F. McMorrow, Sean Maye, Hugo Marren, Vincent Henry and Dermot Glennon. Fish ranged from 3lbs to 10lbs.

Seven were caught on Friday, with four of those caught on fly and released while Saturday saw 11 fish caught, the majority on the fly, 5 of which were released. Sixteen were landed on Sunday, ranging between 4lbs and 9.5lbs. Sean Gallagher, John Connolly, Vincent Brady, Tom Colgan, Albert Shaw, Clive O’Neill and David Marron were among those to have success, as well as two visiting anglers.