Glenisland Angling Co-op on Lough Beltra have reported some great spring fishing on the lake, with many fresh run fish caught this week.

On Monday, Ben Baynes had two salmon at Morrison’s of 7lbs and 11lbs on a Claret Bumble. The following day Paul Norman landed an impressive 14lbs salmon after an epic struggle. Wednesday produced better returns, when Andy Bowman had one of 9lbs at the Buoy, Ian Dunderbell took one of 7lbs at Fahy’s, James Burns landed one of 8.5lbs at Flanagans Bridge and released one of 10.5lbs at the Dock.


Most of those fish caught the following day were reported to be very fresh, when Frank and Declan Dooley had one each of 9lbs and 8lbs respectively, Jackie Deffley boated one of 11lbs at the Dock. Larry McAlindin scored with a Dunkeld, as he landed a 12lbs fish at the Dock while Manfued Bunzel had one of 8lbs at Morrisons.


Many fish have also been landed from the Newport House side of Beltra, and the Newport River has also been producing some good sport of late.