Bass fishing has become very popular on the County Louth coastline in recent years and with the wide choice and variety of techniques now available, more and more anglers are having some success using these methods. That is not to say that it is easy and just like any other type of fishing it has its difficult times. Lure fishing has been difficult in recent weeks but the method is still producing a few fish. On days that seemed ideal for the lure it was surf casting bait techniques that produced the fish. Ragworm and sandeel produced fish when lures were simply being ignored. This was the case recently for Peter Cunningham who had four fish on bait last week just before the current hot spell.  A few days later when the weather had warmed he had a couple of fish on lure. Fish were generally small 2lbs to 2.5lbs but good sport all the same and all released back to the water to grow bigger and stronger. I have only had three fish myself recently, two to surface lures and one on a shallow diving lure, biggest was around three pounds.

Peter Cunningham is a member of Boyne Sea Angling Club which continues to recruit new members. He knows the County Louth coastline like the back of his hand. He also runs Boyne Angling Centre, Tackle Shop in Drogheda. If you would like to get involved in Bass Fishing ,Sea Fishing or any other type of fishing then why not drop in to Peter in the Boyne Angling Centre in Drogheda. Join up with the club and get some top tackle and tips. You can contact Peter at [email protected] at 087 2169726

One Reason Bass Anglers Get Up Early in the Morning
Another Reason Why Bass Anglers Get Up Early in the Morning
Peter Cunningham in Action on the County Louth Coastline
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