Sid Jones of reports on his trip from Monday July 15th:

Today’s trip was one I’ve been waiting for for a long time.

A trip booked in from Brook Simpson for he and his son Mitch. As of all my guided trips are tailored around the anglers needs, with many conversations through email and on my facebook page the trip was organised and the father and son group arrived from Australia to the hotel which I had pre-booked for them. After a 7 o clock meet and greet we headed out to my chosen mark taking into consideration the want to view a picturesque and productive location with possibilities of some photo opportunities for my Australian group here on their brief visit….

We headed off on our trip along the beautiful mark with a flat calm incoming tide and some cloud cover.  Spirits were high with Brook and Mitch enjoying the fishing and scenery and I was enjoying the company of them both… After walking and spinning over a mark and getting a follow from a bass I suggested we walk a bit further and let the spot fill with a bit more water and hit it on the way back…….. And we did and then on his second or third chuck of the lure on our return to the mark Mitch Simpson Banged into a stonking 7.5 lb ( Dicentrarchus labrax)  Sea bass….. Brucey bass for the big guy from down under  named by myself for the occasion as they are going to see  Bruce`(the boss) Springsteen in Limerick on Tuesday evening…. I had a great day fishing with these two gentlemen… it was one to remember.

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