On Sunday 7th July 2013 a party of anglers from County Dublin departed from Killala Pier at 9.00am for a days fishing on board the Leah. Skipper Donal Kennedy reported good conditions, a very light breeze and overcast in the morning, clearing to bright weather in the afternoon with a sea fog developing in the early evening. Mackerel were initially scarce but as the party moved out to deeper water they were in a plentiful supply and the anglers met a constant stream for the rest of the day. Pollack up to 7lbs were boated, as well as whiting, pouting, cuckoo wrasse, red gurnard, poor cod and lesser spotted dogfish. The L.S.D.’s were numerous and to the surprise and eventual annoyance of one angler, he was the one on board to land them! One good drift produced many ling, the best up to 12lbs.

A fine ling taken recently on board the Leah recently in Killala Bay