Jim Hendrick reports from a cold Cork on Sunday March 24th:

Walking today, along a drab cold Cork coast, I couldn’t help but remember what I was doing this time last year. Back then it was a sunny bright dry and warm week, in fact on one afternoon around the 27th I think I remember reading a local air temperature of 16 degrees. Water temps still remained relatively cool though and a sharp easterly put a bite on it at times. This was from my Kestrel hand held weather station an invaluable piece of equipment really.

But we took fish William and I, and Richie tried his usual ‘non standard’ variations on a theme.

I made a post about it here I-Shad Sunset and I still remember it as one of those magic times that jump out every now and again.

Looking out over Cork harbour now from the warmth of the kitchen, it hardly seems like the same country – but such are the challenges and opportunities of the bass fishing environment – every year poses something different !

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