Graham from Boat Angling Ireland crew took to the tide on a Kayaks in Co Donegal recently and reports:

While with the pressure on in the kayak wars as it nears the end I went for a short session out near Dunaff.
It was very breezy but I was only going for a short session. Out I went and the coalies were tricky to find so I put on the euro champ rig so I had a chance of herring to.
Boat Angling Ireland - Kayak fishing 1

No herring but I eventually hit an odd coalie and then whollop I got a great take with power full runs and I my best coalie to date came to the kayak, he was a brute and on such a small rig I was lucky to get him in. They will be serious fun on the fly when the weather settles. Heres the brute no trophy pic as it was too windy for the deck camera. He weighted in at 4.5lb My best from the yak so far.

Boat Angling Ireland - Kayak fishing 2

Courtesy of Boat-Angling-Ireland.