Fishing in Rathcon Fishery in Grangecon, Co. Wicklow is improving and they report:

02/09/2013: After a very slow summer the fishing has finally started to pick up. The fresher weather and clearer water has revitalised the fish who can be seen cruising the edges feeding mostly on fry. There was a good rise to black ants last week and a small rise just before dark most evenings.

Mark O Toole has had some good fishing last week landing 10 fish during the evening most to a green damsel nymph. Paul Kay landed 11 fish last Friday on a black lure fished deep and Garret Byrne had 12 fish a week ago, 6 of which were on dries. I would expect the daddylonglegs to start fishing well from now and the fishing to get better as throughout the month.

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