Recent reports from the loughs suggest there is as yet no sign of any mayfly hatch, although good hatches of Duckfly, and increasingly Olives have been observed. Anglers fishing have reported reasonable catches, with some boats landing five fish for a day.

Fishing out of the Pontoon Bridge Hotel, Gerard Bell, N.Ireland, had two trout totaling 3lbs on Dabbler’s, near Glass Island, while Vinny O’Boyle, Knockfree, had one of 1.5lbs on a Bibio. John Lacken, Co. Galway, had two for 2lbs on the Connemara Black, with Hugh and Peter Burke, Co. Dublin, boating five for their trip, averaging 1lbs all taken on Dabbler’s.

Fishing from Brackwansha, Michael Brennan, Charlestown, had three small trout on Bumble’s at Castlehill, with Padraic Traynor capturing three averaging 1.25lbs at the Abbey Point. At Cloghans Bay Stephen Gillan, Ballina, reported five trout over two days and Peter Roach had three totaling 3lbs.