Eamon Walsh reports that this week bought a welcome improvement in fishing conditions on the Corrib, with hatches of mayfly becoming more prevalent as the week progressed in the Corrnamona area. Anglers fishing the dap have become more effective with the increasing availability of hatching mayfly and fly life on the water.

First time angler, Victoria Stratton from London, had some beginners luck when she landed a lovely 1.5lbs trout 5minutes into her very first drift along the Dooras shore.   Tom Summerville enjoyed two excellent evenings fishing during the week, landing 3 fish on each outing, the best being over 3lbs while fishing in Cornamona bay.  Peter Robinson, a regular visitor from the UK, had 10 fish for his week’s effort, all of which were released. Peter`s boat man, Padraic O`Malley of Maam also managed to land some lovely fish, the best being over 3lbs while they fished from Cornamona Bay to Inis Dooras.

The weekend brought with it a mix of conditions, as Saturday provided some favourable winds and hatches of mayfly. Sunday on the other hand saw relatively clam conditions with the wind changing direction on a number of occasions. The annual Dapping Completion held by Cornamona Anglers resulted in 7 anglers accounting for a total of 8 fish caught. First place went to Peter Curran with 2 fish while Tom Sullivan was second with 1 fish.

Frank Reilly reports that the week began slowly in the Headford and Greenfields area, with no great hatches of mayfly to speak of.  While anglers had success fishing wetfly  and dry Olive patterns, those using buzzer recorded some fine fish.  Tim Rowley landed a lovely trout of over 5lbs. Another father and Son team from the UK had 10 fish for the week the best of over 4lbs. Mayfly hatches are also starting to pick up in the Greenfields area and should see dapping and wetfly anglers enjoy more success this week.


Deirdre Forde from Camillaun Angling Centre in Oughterard reports that the he past week has seen plenty of anglers brave some very windy conditions searching for the elusive mayfly.  The annual visit of “Johnny Mac’s” Welsh party took place at Camillaun during the week – having changed their dates to ‘hit it right’ they conceded they were a tad early. In all they still managed to boat 67 trout with the best a beautiful fish of 3.5lbs. They kept just 4 to prove they actually were fishing!  All fell to wet mayflies fished beneath the surface – you will have to ask Johnny Mac about the tying!

The Priestly party also came as usual despite one angler sporting a broken hip! They fished hard and landed 8 nice trout despite a lack of fly. Pat Doyle from Killarney and Dermot O’Mahony had 19 trout over three days all on wet flies. There was not sufficient fly hatching for the dappers to be able to collect enough fly to dap.


With the hawthorn flower starting to open earlier this week – the mayfly hatch in earnest is anticipated in the coming days. There are plenty of boats available ready for the enthusiastic angler just call Deirdre at 091-552678 and visit www.camillaun.com


Finally, Gary Costelloe from Lakelands Angling Centre, Oughterard, was in touch to report that while conditions were still tough on Corrib this week, some good fishing was had by guests, all dapping artificial mayflies. The Clermont  Party from France recorded 6 trout  over 7 days. Mr Pissot, also from  France, had 13 trout over 7 days. John Mc Grath, Co Clare had a nice trout of 2lbs fishing Son Saturday, and the Swiss Nussbamer  party had 4 trout, best 3.5lbs For further information on accommodation and boat hire please contact Gary on [email protected] , call 091 552121, or check www.lakelandanglingcentre.com


Inland Fisheries Ireland would like to take this opportunity once again to remind anglers that fisheries officers are continually carrying out checks and patrols around Corrib, Mask and Carra lakes to ensure that local bye-laws and regulations are being adhered to.  Anglers should be mindful that since 2008 it is illegal to be in possession of any trout under 33cm (13 inches) and that there is a daily bag limit of 4 brown trout per angler per day.