Levels remained very low in the Drowes again this week. There was some rain on Tuesday which raised the river to 0.44 on the gauge on Wednesday. There were a few rods out fishing but overall the fishery was quiet.

There were a number of salmon reported however, despite the poor conditions. Brian McEvoy had a good week reporting 5 salmon caught with 2 hooked and lost. He caught and released 3 grilse on Wednesday losing a further 2. These weighed from 2½ to 5lb and were caught on s spinner and released again. He recorded a further 2 grilse caught and released on Thursday. All of these were caught between the Four Masters Bridge and Lennox’s Bridge. On Saturday, Michael McEvoy reported 2 fish caught from the Mill Pool on shrimp. These weighed 5 & 9lb with the smaller of the two being released again. There was also a few grilse caught from the Sea Pools.

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