The River Laune in Co. Kerry opened this morning for salmon fishing with the end of the closed season. Billy Downes of the Laune Salmon and Trout Anglers Association has this report…

Ger on the Flesk with the first salmon from the system in 2014 – Photo by IFI staff

At the start of the week the river was banking and it was hard to see how the Laune could be fishable on Opening Day 2014. It must have been over 5 feet on the gauge at Johnston’s.  Good water for this time of year would be between 2.5 feet and 3 feet.
Ger O’Shea with the first salmon of the season from the River Laune – Courtesy of Landers Outdoor World

But could have guessed it-  a salmon would be caught! The first salmon from the Laune System was caught by Ger O’Shea this morning in the Flesk it weighed in at 11.25 lbs.  It was a beautiful spring fish by all accounts.
Its good to see that fish are running the river and with the water that there they will be able to run for the next month if they are there and allowed to.
Billy Downes
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The Laune earlier this week