Cork Skipper David Edwards takes the Tigger out for one of it’s last journeys of the year and he reports:

I decided to have one last go for sharks in November before the bait shoals left and water temperatures dropped, although quieter than our trips in September and October we still managed to connect to three fish and all were unhooked alongside Tigger. The fish were not as big as the huge specimens we connected to in September where one fish caught by Alex O’Donovan from Shannonvale would almost certainly have tested the Irish record if we had chose to bring it in but being a heavily pregnant female, it was not a option that we even considered. It was still good to see that they were still around so late meaning that we caught Blue Shark every month from May to November in 2014.

David Edwards with December Link
David Edwards with the ‘Catch of the Week’ winner – a super December Ling

Tigger is now in Kinsale for the winter and although tempted by settled weather early in the month to try for a December Blue, water clarity and shortening day light has found us fishing further inshore with a average of 8 species being caught each trip so far. There are still small numbers of mackerel showing at times but Ling, Codling, Pollack, Wrasse and Coalies are proving the most reliable. No specimens so far but we have nudged double figures on a few fish and one Ling that I caught on a squid bait went 15lb. Hopefully weather conditions this winter will allow us to get out more often than last and we can still find a few more good fish.
David Edwards
Clonakilty Coastal and Deep Sea Charters

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Tigger is a purpose built Procharter 31 angling boat, powered by a 330HP diesel engine and equipped with all necessary safety equipment. Reef and ground drift fishing is generally the most productive method with the potential to catch in excess of 20 species if you adapt your lures and baits accordingly. The Ring estuary and Clonakilty Bay are havens for wildlife, offering superb quality angling from the stone piers and shoreline throughout much of the year with bass, mullet (grey and golden), flounder, pollack and gilt head bream being realistic targets. Heading out to sea sees the list of available species increase dramatically with summer shark fishing in particular being unbeatable when weather and sea conditions allow us to reach more distant marks. Often we are met by pods of dolphins and occasionally whales which are a welcome sight that confirms the quality of the waters in the area.