Aidan Cox, Joe White and Paddy Keogh were fishing on the Beara peninsula last weekend, staying with Paul Harris and his wife Ann in Dromagowlane House. They had many fish with bull huss, strap congers, pollock and a specimen ballan wrasse for Joe White of 5lb 2oz.

Beara Peninsula
The beautiful Beara Peninsula, just the place to text your friends from to make them jealous

The trio fished for three days, but it was on day two that they caught the wrasse that broke the specimen weight.
Joe White tells us at that on his first cast and he was in to a small pollack. Aido helped land the fish and suggested a change to a small peeler crab, saying “Wait and see you probably get a specimen”. So Joe cast the bait out and sat there with Aido waiting for that cigar float to get dragged into the deep blue and that’s exactly what happened.  He struck into it and Aido’s carp rod literally doubled over from butt to tip.  Aido actually thought Joe was snagged but Joe could feel it moving so he kept the pressure on. The wrasse was taking line so so he had to feather the spool.  As soon as he broke the surface Aido was straight out with the landing net and as Joe put it “Thank God, because I just landed a specimen wrasse 5.2 lb. I think Aido was more excited than me , I was just in shock!! We weighed him took a couple photos  and sent him back . Needless to say we all got on the float set up and had plenty of wrasse with the odd pollock making a cameo! We fished untill the hunger took over so we packed up and headed into Castletownbere for some grub and a few cold ones and the back to Dromagowlane house for a bit of shut eye before we headed out for another night session.”
5lb 2oz ballan wrasse – a fine specimen

Paddy Keogh

Go fishing…

Anyone looking for information on fishing on the Beara can contact Paul Harris at [email protected] or ring him on +353 (0)27 60330.
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