As Van Morrisson says ‘there will be days like this‘ and Rookie Bass Angler Steven Neely certainly nailed a day like this last weekend.  Himself and his Dad had a super bass fishing session.  It was one of those days when everything fell into place.  Setting off at 5am they headed to Waterford.  It began with a good trickle of fish – a mixture of small coupled with some large ones and then.. a stack of bass with the best fishing of the session around the 6 lb mark.
Steven Neely - 24.09.14 3As the time wore on the fishing got better and better and then Mr Neely snr caught a superb bass which measured 83 cm putting it somewhere around the 11 and 12 lb mark. It had easily over an inch to an inch and a half growth rate behind the spines and very thick set back.  Read more of Steven’s report on ‘When everything clicks into place
Video below shows 6lb bass being released…

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Steven Neely
Rookie Bass Angler