The last in a series in which we return to the scene of John Hinde postcards: the oldest building in this vintage postcard of the west Cork village has survived, but the red boat met a nastier fate and locals are in conflict about the identities of the couple.

There is a rumour that John Hinde photographers were issued with pots of fuschia bushes and rhododendrons that they drove around Ireland with in the boots of their cars. The reason for the botanical luggage was that, if needed, they could be strategically placed in postcard shots for a blast of colour, because in John Hinde postcards, the more colour the better.

The Hinde postcard “The Fishing Village of Baltimore, West Cork” is dominated by the red sail on the yellow dinghy at the water’s edge…

Irish Times 24/07/2015 Read the article ‘Postcards Revisited: A return to the colourful fishing village of Baltimore’