An estimated 150 fish died from lack of oxygen last week in Kilminchy lake, which was ‘never designed’ for fish, according to Inland Fisheries.

Fish began dying in the largest of the housing estate’s three lakes on Monday morning July 6.

Chairman of Kilminchy Management Company John Cowhig lives beside the lake.

“It was a shock to see them on Monday morning. Fish were all swimming to the surface, I presume to get oxygen as they were dying. I have been here 12 years and have never seen fish dying,” he said.

The three ‘attenuation’ lakes were built in the 750 housing estate, to collect drainage water, with fish added later by residents.

An Inland Fisheries expert visited the lakeside, and says if consulted, it would have advised against adding fish….

Leinster Express 17/07/2015 Read the article ‘Up to 150 fish dead in ‘badly designed’ Kilminchy lake’