Fabio Gasperoni was over visiting Bodo Funke as part of his trip to the recent Irish Fly Fair. In advance of the Fly Fair he gave a fly tying demo at a local pub. Some really innovative patterns were tied and displayed and there was a great atmosphere in but as the the merits of materials and the effectiveness of pike fly fishing was debated.


Fabio Gasperoni in action last night in the Moylurg Inn, Boyle
Fabio Gasperoni in action in the Moylurg Inn, Boyle

Needless, to say Fabio addressed all the questions with no lack of style and grace. Catching this super pike on one of his creations the very next day certainly helped to win over any pike fly sceptics that he shared a drink with the evening before!

Just to show his nice fly patterns do actually work pretty well, Fabio got a nice fat pike the next morning

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