The Owenea had some nice water conditions over the last week. The river was fairly low for the first 3 days of the week but Thursday brought a nice flood reading 0.24m on the gauge. Friday brought a bigger flood of 0.34m and Saturday and Sunday also brought decent water levels with the gauge reading 0.20 and 0.32 metres respectively. The gauge average for the week was good reading 0.23 metres. The river fished well and some 18 salmon were caught, especially considering it is still early for us. Given here are some of the catches taken from the catch register.

On Wednesday, John Ward recorded a 7¾lb salmon caught on a spinner from beat 4 and Brian Smith reported a fine 12lb salmon caught on a fly from beat 5. On Thursday, John Breslin recorded 2 salmon weighing 4 and 10lb caught on a spinner from beats 5 & 6 respectively and Davey Sullivan accounted for a 3lb grilse caught on a spinner from beat 8. On Sunday, Frankie Byrne recorded an 11lb salmon caught on a fly from beat 5.

There were also a further 3 salmon caught with fish of 6 & 7lb being released again and I am still awaiting full details of these fish.