Conor Mountaine from Galway Buccaneers Sea Angling Club reports on the bass fishing…

With the weather taking a turn for the worse, it has given me time to post up a report from several members on several of the West Coast Beaches.

Denis got his first bass

The reports sent in have shown that there are plenty of fish feeding about all ranging in size from schoolies to good sized 5 lbers, with quite a few flounder in the mix too.

54cm bass

Majority of the fish caught fell for either lug worm or razor fish. The odd bass falling for strips of mackerel and squid.  All were caught within a close casting range, even though a couple of the days did require heavier leads to hold bottom, and one of the days was plagued by weed. The fish landed came in after dark on varying stages of the tide, most of which came in after high tide.

bass and flounder
A double shot of bass and founder

The flounder came in nearer the lower stages of the tide, with most measuring in the mid 20cm range, but a couple of larger flounder nearing 40cm and one that slipped the hook just as it was about to be landed which could easily have been a 40+ cm.

Plans are already afoot for another session when the weather clears…

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