Bass fishing addict and guide James McSweeney of Lure Fishing Ireland fishes Cork harbour and surrounding waters which is a mecca for the ultimate bass fishing experience.  James reports:

I am delighted to put up these photos of James Crowley and John from this weekend. John had his first ever sea bass. And James had not one but two absolute monsters one at 69 and another at just over 75cms. The 75er should have been Johns but he missed him first go and then it absolutely smashed James’s plug off the top.

What a fish off the top
What a fish off the top..
Double hook up
Double hook up

For a while this fish gave a normal enough fight until it caught sight of the boat and stripped the line as if there was no drag on. It tore around the boat on three or four cracking runs and had the three of us doing laps of the deck. In the last photo James is holding 2 fingers up for two monsters off the top.
Well done James.

75cms for James...
75cms for James…
Not one but two monsters. This one was 69cms for James Crowley
Not one but two monsters. This one was 69cms for James Crowley

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James is a guide lucky enough to have Cork harbour as his home.  Cork harbour is a spectacular place. It is the second largest natural harbour in the world. Fishing in and around the surrounding areas can be very exciting. He can fish everywhere be it fresh or saltwater fishing, from shallow marks to deeper waters, James assures you of the best possible service to all guests. His favourite techniques are plugs and he has a huge variety of surface, shallow, and deep diving lures. Soft plastics are great in the deeper waters. There are also some great areas for fly fishing.