Declan Cook reports that it has been a slow week for trout angling on Loughs Conn & Cullin as bright, hot, calm conditions were superseded by a sudden return to winter weather. Despite the backdrop of Nephin Mountain with a snowy cap, the first of the Mayfly are now hatching on Lough Cullin. These brave forerunners are, hopefully, a harbinger of good angling in the coming weeks and their timely arrival precedes two major trout angling events scheduled to take place on the lake over the forthcoming bank holiday weekend. Up to 100 anglers will be arriving to the Foxford-Pontoon area from Monaghan and Dublin to compete in the Albert Berry and Dublin Trout Anglers’ Cup.

Last week, a few anglers ventured out on North Conn where Ian Wise and Johnny Warren from Crossmolina enjoyed moderate fishing. They recorded 3 – 4 trout a day over 5 days averaging 1.25 lbs., mostly on dry Olives in Bog Bay. They reported numerous rises and refusals as well with trout spooking at the glint of leader in the bright sunshine. They also returned a lot of 11 to 12 inch trout.

Jack Corcoran, Crossmolina, had 3 trout for 5.5 lbs on Buzzers also in the Bog Bay area, while Harry McCafferty, Ballina, had some trout all around 1.25 lbs. on Olives Dabblers mostly in Cloghans Bay. Local angler, Stephen Browne boated 4 trout on Buzzers off Brackwansha Shore, two of which were over 2 lbs.

Brendan Breslin, Knockmore, caught 3 trout on Sunday last to Sooty Olive patterns in Carrowgarve Bay and Peter Roach, Cloghans, had 4 trout last Friday in Cloghans Bay on wet patterns.

Jason and Mark from Barton-Smith Angling in Sligo averaged 3 -4 trout each a day over a few sunny days on dry Olives. They also reported losing a salmon around islands near Bog Bay.

Best flies for the week included dry and wet Olive patterns, Yellow Mayfly, Green Peter and Chilli Bumble.