Tommy Lawrence reports on his last brown trout fishing trip to Inishowen, Co Donegal…

Fishing has been slow but has started to pick up for the trout here, especially during a few hatches with the short spell of good weather we are having in Donegal at the moment.

A quick photograph before it’s released


Surprisingly some of the trout have been taken at mid depth earlier than normal. The wild Brown Trout I have have been catching are averaging 1/2llb to 1lb, but I have had wild Brown Trout at 3.5bl to  4lb.

A real golden bellied fish, fat as butter

The glacial lakes in my home of Inishowen are definitely producing the bigger trout than the peat bottom waters. I put this down to better water quality, richer feeding and general habitat. The Gold ribbed Dear Hair working great as well as Donegal Olive, Dark Green Olive, Olive Bumble, Coachman, Green Peter, and the Black UJA which is my own fly pattern.

A better stamp of trout